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@leiren-young makes waves with our guests, and shares news about Orcas and oceans. Produced by Rayne Benu.


Mark Leiren-Young, Host

"Mark Leiren-Young, who has a background in pretty much everything -- journalism, television, comedy, theatre and film- is without a doubt one of the most talented, multi-disciplinary voices in Canada." -Vanessa Farquharson, National Post

Rayne Ellycrys Benu

Cinematographer and artist Rayne Ellycrys Benu is a nationally published festival and theatre photographer. After a series of adventures owning a interfaith art studio, Rayne was interviewed on national morning radio as one of Vancouver’s top psychics. Reborn in Mission BC, and raised by filmmakers, orcas and psychics Rayne has spent several years documenting them in their natural habitats.


Episode 13 Playlist: Dr Lori Marino

 A playlist of related videos for Episode 13 with Dr Lori Marino.

Dr. Lori Marino Quotes

“We would keep them safe and healthy for the rest of their lives.” “I made a concerted decision that I was not going..

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Dr. Lori Marino on Blackfish in Captivity